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November 2023 Meeting: Gun Violence II - What More Can We Do In Detroit?

Rivertown Detroit Association’s November 2023 Meeting focused on addressing the gun violence that has plagued our nation.

We hosted a panel of experts from the executive/legislative, medical/healthcare, and enforcement sectors. Our panel engaged in a productive dialogue, highlighting the complex nature of the issue and the need for a multi-faceted approach to address gun violence.


Mary Sheffield, Detroit City Council President, District 5

  • Representative, Office of Mayor Duggan

  • Stephanie Chang, State Senator, Michigan State Senate, District 3

  • Sheriff Ray Washington, Wayne County Sheriff's Department

  • DPD Commander John Svec, 7th Precinct

  • Dr. Suezette Olaker, MD

  • Susie Rohde, LMSW, Cognitive Behavior Therapy

The event was hosted by Detroit Police Department's 7th Precinct.

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